What is Theta Healing and Why it Could Help You

What is Theta Healing and Why it Could Help You

Everyone at some point or another struggles with life. Many people live their lives trapped by anxiety and depression. Many people struggle to have connections with people and having a connection within themselves. Some people even believe that this is the mission statement of life. There are many different ways people cope with their struggles, but tackling them head on is the only real way to heal. Theta healing is one of the newest ways people are overcoming their anxieties and fears, and actively trying to take control back over their lives.

Theta healing is a relatively new practice. Founded in 1995, Theta healing is heavily tied to meditation, and could be considered a form of therapy. This practice consists around the theory that the conscious and unconscious mind actively effects someones physical health. Having un-dealt anxiety, depression, or trauma could be buried, and manifest into physical symptoms. This theory holds some weight in the scientific community as well. As studies have shown that depression and anxiety can lead to a compromised immune system. Some things people have used Theta healing for in the past include migraines, asthma, and muscle pain. When un-dealt with emotional baggage piles up these symptoms could manifest, and the practice is meant to help solve both of these issues. People suffering with addiction, or other bad habits can also be positively affected by Theta healing.

Theta healing is generally done in one on one sessions with someone trained in the technique. These sessions are often done in person, but can also be performed over webcam or telephone. Similar to traditional talk therapy, the premise behind any theta healing practice is to open up a dialogue between the client and the practitioner. Using intuitive senses like empathy to gather issues to the forefront of someones mind. Then using mediation to change a persons outlook, and attempts to change a person’s energy for the better.

There is a training program in which practitioners go through to effectively conduct the practice. It consists of many different courses, and helps teach these practitioners not only how to help others but themselves. As someone moves through the ranks, and takes more of the lessons the more qualified the instructor is. They are awarded qualifications such as the Masters, and the Certificate of Science.

Theta healing is connected to, and mentions a Creator, however it isn’t closed off to anyone. Theta healing is for anyone despite someones current or previous religion. The meditation used helps identify and stop negative thought spirals, and beliefs. While simultaneously helping build positive belief systems.

Nobody can tell you if Theta healing is right for you. It is recommended to be used as a supplement to other traditional forms of therapy and medicine. Changing the way in which your view yourself, your surroundings, and the people close to you can absolutely have a positive impact on your life however. For people struggling with physical symptoms that seem to have no cause, or people with un-dealt with emotional baggage Theta healing is something to look into.