Receiving the best medical facilities from a leading doctor of Australia

Receiving the best medical facilities from a leading doctor of Australia

Health care in Australia

The health care sector at Australia is one of the most developed ones amongst all of the other nations of the world. Be it in the hospital care and facilities or the health care industry of the nation, Australia leads in providing top-notch medical facilities to the patients and has also a dedicated team of researchers working towards the elimination of various deadly diseases. These are the reasons for which Australia is one of the most preferred destinations for medical tourism and a number of international people visit the nation to get the best of the medical facilities. This article speaks majorly on Dr Zacharia Sydney, who is one of the most successful faces in the nation for plastic and cosmetic surgery.

About the doctor’s profile

Dr Michael Zacharia, popularly known as Dr Zacharia is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Head and Neck and has specialisation in the field of facial plastic and cosmetic surgery. He is also an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist physician and has a great name in that field also. Dr Zacharia Sydneytreats every one of his patients with utmost care and combines the latest medical, surgical and health techniques in treating them. Always following safe medical practices and never deviating from his principles, he has had the experience of conducting more than 4000 rhinoplasty surgeries and is known for his unique methods of lifting the face and neck. Prior to this rich medical experience, he also had a very good academic background and was one of the most determined medical students during his college time.   

Services offered

The following are the major services offered by Dr Zacharia Sydney to his patients and hence he has earned great laurels in that field: –

  • Nose surgery- Also known as a nose job, Dr Zacharia has a rich experience in conducting various forms of cosmetic procedures that can improvise the nose shapes of various people and give them a good appearance. The major types of nose jobs that he specialises in include rhinoplasty i.e. plastic surgery of nose by correcting, restructuring and resizing the nose to give the desired look, revision rhinoplasty to give more versions of the nose jobs, septoplasty that straightens up a deviated septum, sinus surgery to treat sinus infections and nose fractures caused due to some accidents.
  • Face surgery- Face surgery is just another forte of Dr Zacharia Sydneyand he has performed a number of procedures that can impart younger looks to his patients. This includes major operations like facelift, neck lift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, cheek surgery, chin surgery and fat transfer. All of these procedures have imparted younger looks to the patients.
  • Non-surgical procedures- He is also an expert in providing non-surgical procedures for face rejuvenation like injectable muscle relaxants, injectable dermal fillers etc. that can brighten up the face even without going through the painful surgical procedures.
  • Medispa treatment- This includes all kinds of therapeutic processes clubbed together with the medical procedures to provide younger faces to the patients and cure all forms of deformities over the same.
  • ENT- Apart from facial surgeries, he also has a speciality in ENT and has successfully conducted sinus surgeries, sleep apnoea surgeries, ear surgeries and tonsils surgeries.

Such is the dynamic profile of Dr Zacharia Sydney and hence one can consult him to get the best forms of medical treatments for any kind of facial deformities. Information about his consulting hours and locations can be obtained from his official profile over the web.