I Just Started a New Job

I am not really sure how long it is going to last, because the place where I am working needs me to replace the girl who is having a baby. She was eight months pregnant when I met her and she got me up to speed. The place that I am working is a dermatology clinic that does coolsculpting in Austin Texas, which obviously is not ideal for me so far as the commute goes. I would much rather work out in the Northern suburbs, but I am not going to complain too much since I really do need a job. In fact I asked them if I could get this treatment for free since I worked there. It is a really cool thing when you look at it and think about what it does for you. The whole thing was really new to me and obviously I have rather little to do with it in the narrow sense, because I mostly just answer the phones and do the clerical work.

It is really cool and it is something that honestly appeals to me, since like most people I would love to look slimmer and fitter. They put this machine on your sides and they say that it works by freezing the fat in you. Of course I have a lot of questions, since this does not really seem to get rid of the weight. Of course I am not over my ideal weight by very much. I have not sat down to look at one of those body mass indexes, but if I did I am quite sure that it would tell me that I am in a healthy range. If it made me look slimmer then that would be a very good thing if only because of the psychological impact.