A Glowing Beauty With Eyelash Growth

A Glowing Beauty With Eyelash Growth

In the age of laser surgery, Botox and a whole lot more, achieving that beautiful facade is not such a big deal anymore. Anyone nowadays can go to a professional and get that cute pert nose they’ve always wanted or to have that distracting mole removed or make that cropped hair of yours much longer. And surprise, surprise, you can even have your eyelashes extended like you have always hoped you could. There are of course professionals that could do the job for you but with the innovative eyelash growth, you can grow your eyelashes to the length that you want all by yourself.

There are of course so many varying products out there that can help enhance beauty but it is so hard sometimes to make your eyes pop out unless you have make up on. Well, with the birth of eyelash growth, there is no need for you to slab layers and layers of mascara or to have your lashes pulled and manipulated for those extensions.

While these said products indeed help you achieve those jaw dropping peeps and glowing beauty, it is still nice to take the natural route and be healthy at the same time. To get those long, healthy thick lashes, you need to follow a healthy eating habit as well. This is not only good for your lashes but for your total well being as well.

Eating healthy benefits everything from your hair, to your skin and to your overall health so be sure to eat well and drink plenty of water too. Your lashes, your hair and your skin could greatly benefit from the use of a good moisturizer. They will not only retain moisture but will become healthier, shinier and stronger. Natural oils such as grape seed oil or olive oil applied to the lashes with an eyelash brush right before bedtime will do the trick of longer lashes quite nicely.

Desiring longer and thicker eyelashes though is not just all about beauty and vanity. Lashes have a very important factor in taking care of our eyes. The primary job of lashes is to protect the eyes from harmful alien substances from penetrating the eyes. They serve to filter dust and other such foreign substance from contacting with the eyes directly. So with pretty, long, thick, shiny lashes, you not only get to look marvelous but you also keep your eyes free from harm.

There are also potentially harmful things you could do with your eyelashes without you being aware that it is so. There is this myth going around that if you happen to trim the ends of your lashes, then it will grow longer and thicker. This is all just that, a myth. There is no evidence that cutting your lashes will indeed grow back longer. Once you cut your hair, it will just grow to the length it was supposed to and then it will stop growing. So be careful of these falsehoods running around and be sure to try products that have been tested and proven effective and safe.